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Choosing The Right Media Solution.

No one label is right for every application. So its important you choose the right thermal adhesive label, sticker or tag for your application. 

Whether the print needs to be permanent or temporary. Resistant to UV & water. For asset management, inventory control  or regardless of what the labelling application is, Track n Trace will guide you to the right label solution.

Be sure to check out our guide below to help you on your way.

Track n Trace Solutions offer a great range of labels. Let Track n Trace be the #1 choice for all your label application needs..

Paper Labels : Direct Thermal v Thermal Transfer
When ordering paper labels, there are are a two types - Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer. Not a great difference in pricing but the labels are generally considered non interchangeable and job specific.

Thermal transfer labels require a ribbon to print with and therefore a require a printer (Thermal Transfer Printer) that accepts a ribbon.  These labels are designed to last up to 20 years and are suitable for inventory labelling, racking and bin location labelling, asset labelling, medical records, library spine labels and some pathology testing.

Thermal transfer paper also comes in matt or gloss.

Thermal direct labels are heat sensitive and will fade over 12-18months, depending on the environement they are exposed to.   They are suitable for short term use.  We do not advise using them with a ribbon.

Polypropylene & Polyester Labels
Special Label Materials also exist for applications immersed in heat or water.

Polypropylene labels are rated from -25 to +50 degrees; the cost is approximately 2 x the cost of paper labels.

Polyester allows for more extreme temperatures like freezers and boiling water; being rated from -40 to +150 degrees; and is approximately 7 x the cost of paper labels.

Thermal Transfer Plain Barcode Labels

Thermal transfer plain barcode labels provide durable thermal ribbon printing for labels that will endure rough treatment, rubbing or sunlight. 

Thermal Transfer Removable Barcode Labels

Thermal transfer removable barcode labels combine the features of highly durable thermal transfer label printing and of being able to remove the labels after they have been applied without leaving unsightly or damaging adhesive residue. Perfect for the application of temporary labels that you don't want to damage your packaging when removing the labels. We specialise in manufacturing thermal transfer removable barcode labels that will stay affixed when you need them and will remove neatly and cleanly when you don't.

Thermal Transfer Synthetic Barcode Labels

For when you need your thermal transfer barcode labels to be made from water resistant or tough synthetic stock, you can't go past  thermal transfer synthetic barcode labels. Manufactured from durable materials, these barcode labels are printable by most thermal transfer barcode label printers and will survive various environments where paper stock based labels just can't.

Thermal Transfer Gloss Barcode Labels

Our range of thermal transfer gloss barcode labels will give you that full gloss finish for your labels yet still allow you to print barcode, text and graphics with a thermal transfer barcode printer. thermal transfer gloss barcode labels are perfect for when you products are exposed to direct sunlight and that little bit extra in label presentation is required.

Thermal Transfer Fanfold Labels

Thermal transfer fanfold barcode labels are perfect for making self adhesive labels for your mailing or office admin labels. Print from your inkjet, dot matrix or laser printer. We manufacture these fanfold labels from high quality materials in various sizes and quantities.

Thermal Transfer Colour Barcode Labels

Tinted thermal transfer barcode labels are the ideal solution for location labels, delivery labels and courier labels where the uniqueness needs to stand out. We offer an extensive range of colour's and sizes that will suit your labelling needs and provide easy over printing from any thermal transfer label printer.

Direct Thermal Plain Barcode Labels

Direct thermal label printing is the cost effective alternative in barcode label printing. Our range of direct thermal labels will suit your applications and label printing requirements. Made only from quality materials, these labels are available in a range of core, diameter sizes and widths to suit almost any direct thermal label printer.

Direct Thermal Removable Barcode Labels

Direct thermal removable barcode labels are perfect for when your labels are only applied on a temporary basis. Our high quality removable adhesives will not leave unsightly or damaging residue after the labels are removed. Our removable direct thermal labels are made from high quality materials and adhesives, and can be made to order.

Direct Thermal Tinted Barcode Labels

We can provide your business with high quality tinted direct thermal barcode labels. Tinted direct thermal barcode labels are the ideal solution for location labels, delivery labels and courier labels where the uniqueness needs to stand out. We offer an extensive range of colour's and sizes that will suit your labelling needs and provide easy over printing from any direct thermal label printer.

Computer and Laser Labels

For your computer label needs, we stock the very best in permanent and removable computer and laser labels that suit every office environment. These labels are supplied in box quantities and come with your choice of number of labels per sheet and tractor feed in many cases.

There are two types of adhesive, removable and permanent.  Removable adhesive labes have a low tack glue which makes it easily removable without leaving any traces of the glue.  Permanent adhesive has a high tack glue which is not easily removed, there are various degrees of stickiness making some adhesives suitable for low temperature freezing.

Generally thermal transfer ribbons are manufactured using a wax, wax/resin combination or a full resin coating.

You need to choose the correct thermal transfer ribbon to ensure the best success of your of your printing.

Most paper label applications a wax ribbon that is most economical is the right solution.

For applications utilizing a synthetic or polyester label a wax/resin combination or full resin ribbon may be required.

Print quality

The quality of your end print depends on choosing the correct label media, adhesive, stock type and ribbon (if used), all of our staff are trained to give you the best advice and support maximizing your printing and extending the life of your printer.
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Stocktake Calculator
How much will you save using our stocktake scanners? Click here to find out!

"Would like to give you some feedback on the how the use of the scanners has improved the accuracy and reduced the downtime whilst performing a Stocktake. As you know AirRoad Logistics is a 3PL warehouse provider.

The Stocktake performed last year for one customer took 12 hours with 15 people Involved Nationally. This year the Stocktake count was completed in 3 hours nationally. With an additional hour for reconciliation. A saving of 8 hours x 15 people. (66% Savings in Labour Costs)

The programming loaded into the scanners ensured that we were able to ensure the user was collecting the right information thus reducing human error.

We also found the service you offered met and exceeded our expectations. Thanks again for your continued support"

AirRoad Logistics Pty Ltd

"In August this year (2014) we held a roadshow seeing just over 450 clients. Previously we have manually created name badges to place into the holders for each client across each event and asked our attendee’s to record their attendance on a registration sheet upon entry.  Using Tim’s barcode scanners and barcoded name badges for this event provided an easy, stress free registration and attendance process that our staff and clients loved! We will never do this as a manual process again.  I highly recommend the company and their products/services! "

“Thank you to for providing a fantastic service. We really appreciated all your efforts in organising these scanners for us and at such late notice. Everything went well with the event and was a great success with the help of your scanners. Hope to do business again in the future.”

Kindest regards,
George P Johnson (Australia)

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