Iphone Barcode Scanner

Iphone Barcode Scanner

An Iphone barcode scanner  can be hardware, or can even be a software app that can be downloaded onto the Iphone.

We will talk about Ipone barcode scanner apps later in this article.


Iphone Barcode scanners will range in cost, performance, size and robustness, depending on the manufacturer and the scanning engine it uses. Determining the right Iphone barcode scanner is generally the first step when considering Auto ID equipment.

You will also most often find that the only way to get a connection between a barcode scanner and the Iphone is via Bluetooth. So you need to look for Bluetooth scanners that are IOS compatible or at least have a supplier who can provide a Bluetooth scanner with a reliable solid bluetooth connection with the Iphone.

A number of questions must also be answered when determining which Bluetooth scanner is right for your application you are using the scanner for. Here is a quick guide you need to ask yourself when choosing a Bluetooth barcode scanner for your Iphone.

1./ Do you need, CCD- Linear Imaging, Laser Scanner or a 2D scanning engine in your Iphone scanner?

CCD – Linear Imager – is a long range scanner CCD scanner. It uses the same technology as a camera and takes a snap shot of the barcode image and coverts it into numbers. Generally the cheapest solution compared to Laser and 2D options.

Do not use this option if scanning in direct sunlight. Also not recommended for jewellery sized barcodes and high density barcodes.

Laser – Generally considered to be best scanning engine for scanning barcodes. However, these days, there is little difference in performance between laser and linear imager, especially if indoors and scanning retail barcodes or barcodes on labels. Choose laser however if scanning in direct sunlight, or scanning shipping barcodes larger than 30cm.

2D – 2D barcodes are becoming more prevalent these days. Qr codes are popping up everywhere for advertising. 2D barcodes are also becoming more prevalent in health-care and event management. 2D barcode scanners can also scan 1D barcodes as well.

2./Do you need to scan just the barcode # or do you require additional information such as date/time stamp etc etc?

If you need to scan more than just the barcode ID #, then make sure the Iphone barcode scanner can also collect this information. A date/time stamp is a common request.

3./Does the barcode scanner need to be robust? What environment will the iphone scanner be used in?

Warehousing and Logistics, and field services usually requires barcode scanners to be subjected to weather conditions, dust, dirt, oil, water and users who are not so compassionate about the hardware they are using. This means they will have an IP rating from IP 54 up to IP65 and drop ratings of between 1.2m -1.5m. For retail environments, event management, office asset management,  hospitality, health-care and libraries, which are all clean and or carpeted environments,  then  IP Ratings are not as so important.

5./Can I use barcode scanners that are a software app on my Iphone.

The answer to this is it will depend on the application. If you are using the barcode scanner app to scan only a small amount of barcodes, then a software app is fine. If its for a commercial application scanning many barcodes, then don’t waste your time with the scanner apps. At this moment…..they are too slow. The reason is they use the camera in the smart phone to take a picture and the processing is much slower than a dedicated barcode scanner in hardware. You also have to struggle with the focus and distance from the barcode before it can grab the barcode. Stick with dedicated barcode scanner hardware if speed is an issue.

6./Support and Service.

Be sure what ever location, region or country you are buying a barcode scanner, that you have local support. Nothing worse than buying a Iphone barcode scanner from a website overseas and you cannot get any support or service locally for this. Also check warranties. Accept nothing less than 12 months. The longer the better!

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Iphone Barcode Scanner

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