Workshop Events Scans Over 2000 Pax Without Any Issues.

When Workshop Events first approached Track ‘n’ Trace 3 years ago for a scanning solution for one of our largest clients it turned out to be one of the best decisions we’d made. The event required fast and accurate scanning of over 2000 pax over a relatively short space of time. Apart from supplying the […]

UNSW SCANS 15,000 Guests Over 10 days

“The University of New South Wales holds two graduation festivals a year, and at our largest festival we have 5500 students attending bringing over 15,000 guests to 27 separate ceremonies run inside 10 days! We needed a way to ensure that the barcoded tickets we emailed out could be validated to prevent duplication, help us […]

TAME SCANS 1000 Students in 30min

The Tame Tracking software worked fabulous for our event. In previous years, we did manual rolls for 800 students, and this year the scanning saved us 30-45 minutes each day. Every single student were in their workshops ready to start by 9am and we only opened the registration desks at 8.30am. That is 1000 students […]

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