DOLLARS & SENSE Use RK25s to Save Time On Their National Stocktake


“We were recommended by Retail Express to use the stocktake solution that Track n Trace Solutions offers. We had a national stocktake to carry out and were looking for a very efficient way to do this.

We found this with the RK25 PDA Android Scanner as well as a customized stocktake application (REX Stocktake App) written by Track n Trace.

Not only were the RK25s easy to use, but they made the whole stocktake exercise much easier than we have ever experienced.
The REX stocktake app was also very easy for our staff to use.

The support also provided by Track n Trace was second to none. Even though our data against our barcodes in our system, was not captured and scanned under the usual procedures, Track n Trace were able to still investigate this and come up with a solution and configuration that worked great for the scanners and our stocktake.
On most occasions. Track n Trace responded to any support call we made almost instantly

This efficiencies the Track n Trace stocktake solution provided us, helped us save many hours and dollars. It also gave us many ideas where we can add other scanning functions in the near future. Such as re-labeling, order fulfillment, receiving orders….etc etc.,
We look forward to working with Track n Trace to help us continue improving our business efficiencies in all areas of barcode scanning.”

DOLLARS & SENSE Use RK25s to Save Time On Their National Stocktake
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