Vellex Logistics Invest in Urovo DT50s

Vellex Logistics Invest in Urovo...

Vellex Urovo DT50

Vellex was est in 1985 and offers national freight distribution and logistics solutions across the eastern states of Australia.

“In June 2020, we started implementing over 430 x DT50s to our drivers and agents. Due to the nature of our drivers and the environment that they work in, we found many of the devices we had invested in the past were not robust or reliable enough. The Urovo DT50s have proven to be an exception. We are now entering the fourth year with the DT50s and have recently extended their Premier Care warranty from 3yrs to 5yrs. The durability of the DT50s and the support structure being offered through Track n Trace and Aniluin (service centre) has proven to be second to none.

To anyone looking to invest in the DT50s for their operations, we whole heartedly recommend not only this hardware but the support structure of Track n Trace/Aniluin that goes with it.”

Vellex Logistics Invest in Urovo DT50s
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