Track N Trace Solutions are a barcoding solutions company. We provide these services for event management, asset management, warehousing/inventory control, production tracking, time and attendance and much more!

We sell into distribution, retail, government, education as well as healthcare services. With over 13yrs in the barcoding industry, we are well equipped to help business owners manage their companies more efficiently with improved productivity and profitability.

Barcode Ninjas

To become proficient in any profession, sport or discipline, there is a saying that you need to spend atleast 10,000 hrs training, studying and applying these practices to your craft. With over 13yrs experience within the barcoding industry, we have certainly paid our dues and covered these hours....and some! In this process, an analogy we like to use is that we have attained black belt status and are masters or ninjas of the art of barcode.

To attain this level, our company has to be highly skilled in barcode scanners, PDA barcode scanners, barcode printers, barcode software, barcode labelling and barcode application software. You can't just be good in one discipline. You have to achieve competency in all these disciplines if you are to achieve black belt status and become recognised as a barcode ninja.

Our training has certainly paid off as our biggest kick we now get from customers is their feedback. Knowing that we have helped a company save time and money because of the services we offer is very rewarding. For a customer to tell us how happy they are, when they have used our service, is just the best feeling and feedback in the world. Its what we strive for from every customer. Its also very addictive and we cant get enought of it. Our goal is to have this effect on every customer.

Even if you don't use our services, be our guest and check out some of the free tools on our website site such as a free barcode generator. With so much knowledge that we have accumulated over the years, we would love to share this and so many other facts of invaluable information with you.

If you are looking for our services, you will find our rates very competitive without comprimising our quality of service! We are also here for long term relationships.

We could go on about how good we are are but we won't! Just check out our testimonials and read what just some of our customers have to say. We hope we get the chance to make sure you, will be just as happy!

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Track n Trace - Barcode Ninjas
Dynamite Barcode Solutions

"Would like to give you some feedback on the how the use of the scanners has improved the accuracy and reduced the downtime whilst performing a Stocktake. As you know AirRoad Logistics is a 3PL warehouse provider.

The Stocktake performed last year for one customer took 12 hours with 15 people Involved Nationally. This year the Stocktake count was completed in 3 hours nationally. With an additional hour for reconciliation. A saving of 8 hours x 15 people. (66% Savings in Labour Costs)

The programming loaded into the scanners ensured that we were able to ensure the user was collecting the right information thus reducing human error.

We also found the service you offered met and exceeded our expectations. Thanks again for your continued support"

AirRoad Logistics Pty Ltd

"In August this year (2014) we held a roadshow seeing just over 450 clients. Previously we have manually created name badges to place into the holders for each client across each event and asked our attendee’s to record their attendance on a registration sheet upon entry.  Using Tim’s barcode scanners and barcoded name badges for this event provided an easy, stress free registration and attendance process that our staff and clients loved! We will never do this as a manual process again.  I highly recommend the company and their products/services! "

“Thank you to for providing a fantastic service. We really appreciated all your efforts in organising these scanners for us and at such late notice. Everything went well with the event and was a great success with the help of your scanners. Hope to do business again in the future.”

Kindest regards,
George P Johnson (Australia)

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