Asset Labels

Printing on Asset Labels
You have a couple of options on this. You can either print them yourselves. To do this, you will need a Thermal Transfer Label printer like the the one we use – TTP-244. You will also need a wax resin ribbon. Budgetry costs for a label printer + ribbon + silver mylars would be around the $600-$650.00ex. Remember, you will also need barcode software if you have variable data.

The second option is you can get us to do this for you. Please enquire with us for this requirement.

Asset Labels



Asset Labels are used on all your assets. From tools & equipment to all your fixed IT assets and more!

They are the cheapest part of the asset management solution but still probably the most important.

Asset labels need to have a strong adhesive and not fall off. They cannot fade either.

Silver Mylars are the most common type of asset label we use. Its what you commonly see and used on the back of most IT equipment. They can also be used on many types of equipment and tools. They also need to be impervious to all weather conditions – sun, rain, wind…..etc etc. With this kind of robustness, are quite often used on assets that are used outdoors. The adhesive sets after 24hrs and will give you 6yrs + lifetime.

We also use a synthetic label as well. Synthetic poly vinyl labels also are best on curved surfaces like cabling and smaller assets with curved surfaces. Depending on the assets that are being labelled, we will recommend the best type of asset label for your asset.

Asset Labels

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