What is a barcode scanner?

What is a barcode scanner?

A barcode scanner is designed to decode barcodes. They simply eliminate the need to type the item # in to your system. This eliminates keyboard strokes and provide an efficient and accurate way of transferring barcoded data into an application. Simultaneously, barcode scanners eliminate the need for pen & paper. They improve the speed and accuracy of computer data entry and improves overall business efficiencies.

A barcode scanner comes in an arrangement of readers called:
  • CCD
  • Linear Imager
  • Laser
  • 2D
  • RFID

There are also multiple interfaces. USB, Serial and Keyboard Wedge. Barcode scanners can also be cordless giving you the freeddom to scan without the restriction of a cable.

Barcode scanners are also used in PDA barcode scanners. Also referred to as mobile computers, portable data terminals, barcode terminals or PDTs. But the major difference of a barcode scaner to a PDA barcode scanners is that a barcode scanner can only scan the barcode item #. Where as a PDA barcode scanner can scan and collect multiple fields of information such as item #, quantity, location, user ID #, date and time stamp and much more.

PDA barcode scanners are the right choice of tool for applications such as stocktaking, asset managment, event management and basically any application where you need more information that just the barcode item #.

PDA barcode scanners can have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS/3G & GPS capabilities. Or they can just be memory PDT (Batch) and store all scanned data on the terminal until it is uploaded back into the system via a communication cradle.

What is a barcode scanner?
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