Asset Management Barcode Tracking System

Asset Management Barcode Tracking System

  1. Asset Management Software
  2. Asset barcode scanners or an asset Pda Barcode Scanner
  3. Asset label printer.
  4. Asset labels / tags

Asset Management Software  – With all 4 x components, the most important is the asset management software. This is also called your asset register. All the other components are peripherals and just hang off your choice of the software.

The asset management tracking software should have the capabilities of

  • Managing all your data.
  • Be able to assign assets out to employees or customers.
  • Assign due dates for assets to be returned.
  • Transfer assets between locations.
  • Be able to schedule maintenance on assets.
  • Be able to produce barcodes for your assets.
  • Have capabilities of synchronizing data between a PDA Barcode Scanner and its database.

Asset barcode scanners or an asset Pda barcode scanner – If you are not sure of the difference between an barcode scanner and a pda barcode scanner, we have plenty of information about this in other blogs and our FAQs

If only scanning tools and equipment from a storeroom then maybe a barcode scanner will be sufficient. If you need to be mobile and scan assets in different locations, then a pda barcode scanner is the best choice.

Asset Label Printer – You need to choose a label printer that is a thermal transfer label printer. This means that it can use a ribbon to print on to labels. What happens is the thermal print head heats up and prints thru the ribbon. This gives you permanency of print on the asset label. The print will not fade. Assets will last years so this is important that the print does not fade. For more information on asset label printers – Click Here

Asset Labels – For asset labels / tags…..the two most popular types we use are either a silver mylar or poly vinly label. Both these labels need to be weather resistant and the adhesive needs to be strong enough to so they do not fall off and last many years. For more information on asset labels – Click Here

Asset Management Barcode Tracking System

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