Barcode Software – Free Or Paid Barcode Software? Which is Best For Me?

Barcode Software – Free Or Paid Barcode Software? Which is Best For Me?

Barcode Software

Barcode software is a necessity if you wish to create barcodes. Track n Trace Solutions provide a few different types of barcode software, all having advantages for what they were designed for. Some are free and some have to be paid for.

Lets look at the free barcode software first.

Avery Barcode Software – This has to be the best kept secret on the net. Actually, i have been in this business for over 13yrs and never knew it existed till early 2015. I have never seen this being advertised on any barcode solution company’s website either. WHY?The reason……it not only powerful but its free. It’s my #1 choice now to all customers that do not have a dedicated commercial grade label printer and full version barcode software.

Create Barcodes Using Free Or Paid Barcode Software

Use your laser printer or inkjet printer and design barcodes on your avery labels. Also link all your variable data from excel spreadsheets to your labels.

Free Barcode Generator – The barcode generator that Track n Trace offer on their website is a great free tool that allows you to create barcode images. You can save the barcode image, email it or print it once you have created it.

You can choose from a variety of barcode symbologies as well as choose three different sizes. These are small, medium and large. You can also include text to the barcode and choose the rotation angle. The image can be saved as GIF, PNG or JPG.

So creating a barcode image is great if you have very low volume requirements. If you are also happy with the three sizes it gives you, then this could be perfect for your application.

Its always recommended to test the barcode with a cabled barcode scanner.

Free Barcode Font – Code 39 – More free barcode software. This is called a barcode font

and is a code 39. This will work with any program that supports True Type fonts including Microsoft Access, Micrsoft Excel, MS Word and QuickBooks.

We do not offer any support on this free font but be our guest to use it. Some customers do have some problems with this because its not plug and play stuff. We also find they usually forget to add asterisk and also pull the barcode out of its tolerance making it unreadable by a barcode scanner.

Its always recommended to test the barcode with a cabled barcode scanner.

Barcode Label Design Software – Paid – When you have volume requirements for label printing, then only the full version barcode software will do as it will also link to your commercial grade label printer. The reasons are based on this:

Full version software will allow you to design the labels but most importantly, If you have existing barcode item #s for your assets/products/employees/attendees/  etc etc…..then you need to link the barcode software to this. You could use the free barcode software we provide but it would be too slow using your laser/inkjet printer and a lot more expensive paying for laser labels/sheets.

The full version software allows you to link the item/name to the barcode item # and print hundreds or thousands of labels in the press of a button. Remember that you would also be needing a commercial grade label printer that has the labels on rolls. Much more cost effective buying labels on rolls for large quantity printing.

We provide many barcode label printers that do come with some free barcode label design software and it will do much of what the paid version barcode label design software does. However it cannot link to a database/excel. A suggestion is to try the free version first and you will soon work out very quickly whether you need paid or not.

Barcode Software – Free Or Paid Barcode Software? Which is Best For Me?

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