Wireless Barcode Scanners – There Are Only One Type? Wrong!

Wireless Barcode Scanners – There Are Only One Type? Wrong!

Searching for wireless barcode scanners? Then this blog article will give you an appreciation of some of the differences there are in the market place.

Everyone’s interpretation of what a wireless barcode scanner is different. For people within the barcode industry, a wireless barcode scanner is something that is portable and can send scanned barcode data back to a P.C. or application instantly or live!

For others outside the industry, it can mean a number of things. The names also vary such as portable, mobile & cordless barcode scanner. Here are a number of different types of wireless barcode scanners that can definitely fit all the descriptions above..

Memory Barcode Scanner – Is a barcode scanner that has no cables when you are scanning. You can only scan barcodes and store this data within its memory on board. It allows the user to walk around and scan the barcodes and then when finished, come back to a P.C. and upload (via direct cable or cradle) the data back into excel, notepad or an open application. These types of scanners are also called batch barcode scanners.

Some memory scanners have a real time clock (RTC) so they can also record a date/time stamp against when the barcode was scanned.

APPLICATIONS – Simple stocktake where no qty is required. Tracking Attendance. Event Management. Any application where barcode # is only required.

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner – bluetooth barcode scanner is wireless again, but this time, it transmits scanned data back to a receiving cradle via bluetooth. The cradle is usually plugged into a host or P.C. Bluetooth scanners can also be paired with a laptops, tablets or smart phones.

Bluetooth scanners do vary in robustness, size and features. Some bluetooth barcode scanners have the ability to also store scanned data as well, making it or giving it the functionality of a memory scanner as well.

APPLICATONS – Point of sale, Inventory management, event management. Applications where you need mobility and not restricted by the length of cable that comes with a tethered scanner.

PDA Barcode Scanners – Batch – A batch PDA barcode Scanner is also wireless. However they have much more functionality than just a wireless barcode scanner. As mentioned earlier, wireless barcode scanners can only capture the barcode #. Where a PDA barcode scanner can capture the barcode # + qty + location ID # and much more.

A PDA barcode scanner that is batch, can only store the data within its memory. Then after the scanning is completed, you upload it (via direct cable or cradle) back into excel, notepad or send back to an application.

APPLICATIONS – Stocktaking, asset management, event management. Basically any application where you need to capture multiple fields of information and that its not mission critical that the information collected, needs to be live and query a database.

PDA Barcode Scanners – Wi-Fi/3G – The last type of wireless PDA barcode scanner is the type that has communications. Similiar to the batch PDA scanners except they have the ability to communicate to a database live. Within warehousing and many applications within the four walls, PDA barcode scanners are very popular and communicate via Wi-Fi.

Outside the four walls, many wireless PDA scanners are communicating and using the cellular network via 3G.

APPLICATIONS – Warehousing, Inventory Control, Field Service, Logistics, Event Management. Any application where its mission critical that all information is live and querying a database is live for possible information coming back to the user.

Wireless Barcode Scanners – There Are Only One Type? Wrong!

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